Here’s the Lowdown on Gelato Edibles

Nowadays, people are getting creative with the ways they consume weed. At Gelato, we are inspired by the various ways people enjoy their weed. By definition, edibles are food items that have been infused with cannabis or CBD. Seems simple, but there’s so many choices it’s easy to get lost in the weeds. To possibly confuse you even more, the term edibles also includes capsules and tablets created with THC, CBD, or a combination of the two. So there’s truly something for everyone.

Simply put, edibles are anything you eat or drink that has THC in it. This might include brownies, cakes, and other treats. You could also chew on some candies, suck on lozenges, or brew some tea from dried cannabis leaves. An important thing to remember about edibles is that it may take some time for the effects to kick in but the effects can last for a long time.

So now we’ve talked about how in today’s fast-paced world, cannabis consumers enjoy a variety of ways to consume weed with one of the most popular being edibles! But it begs the question:  Where do YOU start?

Well we can’t tell you what to do, but… the most popular options for our Gelato edibles include gummies, chocolates, savory snacks, and even drinks! We also happen to have a pretty top-tier selection of baked goods (if we do say so ourselves). This includes edibles in the form of cookies, rice bars, blondies, and MORE that qualify as an amazing after-dinner treat. Your taste buds will thank you for being so selective… We know ours do! Our Gelato Edibles are also discrete enough to consume and use throughout the day to get a boost of energy and focus or to help reduce stress and create an uplifting mood.

There are so many edibles options in Lake Elsinore that you might get a little confused, but we still want you to be able to try them. Thankfully, Gelato offers Cannabis Delivery to Lake Elsinore and surrounding areas! To make things even easier, our friendly budtenders at Gelato in Lake Elsinore are always ready to help you find your cup of tea in THC! Maybe even a literal cup of tea…

For assistance with your order or questions about our THC and CBD edibles, call us at 951-471-8310.