Exploring Your Options In Gelato Products

One of the reasons our customers choose to shop our Gelato products is the wide variety of Gelato flower, Gelato edibles, Gelato vape carts and disposables to consider. We specialize in producing some of the best cannabis products in our own line of Gelato retail as well as products from leading brands.

To help you consider your options, take a closer look at each category and a few of the products we offer to place your next order. The following are some of our most popular options in cannabis and CBD products we have in stock.

  • Gelato flower – always popular and a traditional way to enjoy the wellness benefits of THC, our Gelato flower comes in hybrid, sativa, and indica strains. We provide information on the effects you can expect with each strain and option.
  • Gelato edibles – edibles are some of the most popular options at any dispensary. We offer gummies, chocolates, baked goods, drinks, and hard candy, along with ready-to-use capsules and tablets for easy, consistent dosing.
  • Gelato vape carts – vape carts are convenient and easy to use. Like our Gelato flower and other products, you can search by strain or THC content to find the ideal solution. Our Gelato Sativa and Gelato Indica vape carts, flower, and pre-rolls are always top quality and provide an exceptional smoking or vaping experience. We also have a top selection of disposables, which come ready to use right out of the package.
  • Pre-rolls – always convenient, pre rolls are perfect for those who enjoy an occasional smoke. They are also ideal to avoid all the time needed to roll your own.

We make it easy to choose the ideal cannabis products for your needs. We also offer a great selection of deals on some of our newest and most popular products. Drop by and visit us at the dispensary, or call us at 951-471-8310 if you need any assistance ordering online.