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Enjoy The Quality And Convenience Of Gelato Prerolls

Choosing Gelato cannabis and pre-rolls from our Lake Elsinore recreational and medicinal dispensaries provides an unmatched experience. As a top-shelf strain, our Gelato prerolls provide an array of flavors and wellness benefits, and it is possible for everyone to find favorites to add to their order.

Pre rolls are ready to use out of the package, eliminating the hassle and the mess of rolling your own. The carefully controlled rolling process also means a consistent smoking experience with a slower, uniform burn to allow you to enjoy the joint perfectly every time you light up.

Our Selection of Pre Rolls

For many of our customers, ordering Gelato prerolls adds a level of convenience that adds to your smoking enjoyment. We choose only the best flower to go into our pre rolls, with hybrid and indica strains available. We also offer several other strains in pre rolls that are ideal for use to relax and unwind, get into a euphoric mood, or tap into increased creativity.

In addition to our own Gelato Retail products, we also offer infused pre rolls. These smokes have the added benefit of cannabis oil infused into the pre roll, providing a more intense and longer-lasting experience.

Prerolls Delivery in Lake Elsinore and Temecula

Gelato Retail offers same-day, and often same-hour, prerolls delivery in Lake Elsinore and Temecula. In addition to delivering prerolls in Temecula, we also offer convenient pick-up of orders or drop by the dispensary and browse our wide selection.

For more information on our Gelato prerolls or other products, reach the Gelato Retail team at 951-471-8310.